We have all been through a lot as a community and as a nation with regard to the global COVID-19 pandemic.While many things have changed, one thing remains the same  - our commitment to the wellbeing and safety of our team and our patients.
As part of our new normal, we understand that cleanliness and sanitation are on everyone’s minds. Rest assured, you are in a safe place when you visit us. Our top priority is to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of each patient and team member who walks through our door. We’ve always adhered to the strict infection prevention standards set forth by OSHA, the ADA, and the CDC, but have now taken steps to implement even more precautions including medical grade hepa filtration in each treatment room which will filter viral and bacterial particles even smaller than the COVID-19 virus. 

Because we see the trajectory of COVID-19 infections trending downward and because the majority of people in our community have now either had a vaccine or have natural immunity from acquiring the virus itself, we have decided to relax some of our more strict polices such as requiring patients to wait in their vehicle until we call you in and requiring our front office/non-clinical staff to wear face masks while seated at their desk. Please do not take this slight relaxation to mean that we do not take COVID-19 and all infectious diseases seriously. We most certainly do. However, we feel that the precautions we are still taking along with the minimized risk of serious illness that comes from both immunizations and naturally acquired immunity has allowed us to return to a slightly more normal and comfortable office environment.  With that in mind, please be aware that...
  • Our waiting room is fully open and sanitized frequently.
  • We encourage but do not require the use of face masks. Please be mindful and considerate when in close proximity to those not in your immediate family.
  • We ask that you sanitize your hands upon entry and immediately after touching any common items in the waiting area.
  • To minimize a large number of people gathering in our waiting room, we ask that you do not bring other members of your family to your appointment unless absolutely necessary.
  • From now on we will always run our Hepa Grade Medify air filters in each operatory when you visit us. 
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