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CEREC Single Visit Crowns

The future of dentistry is digital and that is why we are pleased to be able to offer our patients the very best in CAD/CAM modern technology. With CEREC, we can digitally design and mill your crown in a single visit! That means no yucky impression material, no temporary crowns and best of all, no second visit! Your permanent metal free porcelain crown is made in one single appointment. Ask us about Cerec at your next visit!

Digital x-rays

We use digital sensors when taking your dental xrays. These digital sensors use up to 90% LESS radiation than traditional film xrays.  Once exposed, the digital image is immediatley seen on a computer screen and eliminates the need to develop film. The digital image can then be enhanced, magnified or modified in other ways which helps the doctor give a more accurate diagnosis. 


Intraoral Cameras

In addition to digital radiography, we have cameras that are designed to take close-up pictures of your teeth and gums. This allows us to zoom in and see small chips and cracks in fillings or restorations. This also allows you to visualize the condition of your mouth just the way that we do... a way that you never would be able to at home. We can take these pictures at regular intervals and save them in your chart so we can monitor any significant changes or potential issues over time. 

The Wand 

Dental injections and syringes are often the biggest source of dental anxiety and fears among patients. Not anymore! We offer computer controlled delivery of anesthesia with a machine called The Wand. Did you know that most pain associated with a dental injection is not from the actual piercing of the tissue, but from the extreme pressure that results when anesthetic is delivered too rapidly causing stretching and expansion of sensitive gum tissue? The Wand delivers the anesthetic at a slow, controlled pace which eliminates the pain of an injection from unnecessary pressure. This is a painless, stress-free alternative to a traditional injection with a syringe. Request "The Wand" for your next dental procedure!

Electric Dental Handpieces

We have electric handpieces which are much more efficient than some older types of handpieces. Tooth preparations are more precise, and done with less noise and vibration - another benefit for you, the patient. We are able to perform your dental work in a quieter and quicker fashion, resulting in less drilling and less time in the dental chair.

Paperless Dental Charts

At our office we have done away with the old yellow folder full of paper, handwritten charts. In todays age, we must recognize that information needs to be easily accessed and securely stored and that means going digital. This results in much more organized and streamlined processes including submitting your insurance claims and communicating with other dental specialists. 

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