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Dr. Rick Barkley and Dr. Stephanie Harding are the Goodlettsville dentists many trust when it comes to getting out of pain and putting together an oral hygiene plan to help you with following through with maintenance of good dental health. Whether you have a toothache, need an appointment for routine teeth cleaning or perhaps want to have a cosmetic procedure done, Dr. Barkley and Dr. Harding are always ready to help you.


To request an appointment, you can either  CLICK HERE to instantly book online or you can fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also call our office at 615-851-7102 or email us at We look forward to seeing you soon to get you on the road to a healthy mouth and beautiful smile!!

*  Current patients experiencing a dental emergency should call our office at 615-851-7102.  If calling after regular business hours, follow instructions on the voice mail to reach the dentist or visit the nearest emergency room.PLEASE DO NOT USE E-MAIL OR SOCIAL MEDIA FOR EMERGENCIES. 


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