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Gap Closure

Cosmetic composite bonding can close a gap instantly. For this smile we did bonding and re-contoured/shaped the adjacent teeth for a beautiful result!

Porcelain crowns and bridge

This patient had large, old composite fillings across his top front teeth and was missing several teeth on his left side. For his smile makeover we did four porcelain crowns and a porcelain bridge to span the distance of the three missing teeth. He was so happy to be able to smile confidently again not to mention chew on both sides of his mouth!

before after for steph

This patient had an old crown and receding gums which showed the darkness of the tooth's root. She also had some old composite fillings that were chipping and discolored. We restored her front four teeth with two new porcelain crowns and two composite veneers! What a difference!

Repair of fractured teeth

Using porcelain crowns or cosmetic bonding, we can repair chipped and broken teeth with ease!

Porcelain Crowns

This patient had some color discrepancies between some old veneers and crowns on his upper front teeth which made him unhappy. With new cosmetic porcelain crowns we were able to give him the uniformity in color and shape that he was looking for.


This patient chose to close the gap between her front teeth using Invisalign clear orthodontic trays eliminating the need for any composite bonding.


This patient had a medical condition that caused the loss of healthy tooth enamel. Although she ended up losing all of her teeth, we were able to restore her smile with a great fitting and beautiful set of dentures.

Instant Smile!

This patient chose to have an instant smile makeover in the form of a "Snap-On Smile". It snaps right over his existing teeth for a beautiful and functional alternative to a new fixed bridge.

No more silver!

Do you have old, stained silver fillings? We can replace them with cosmetic bonded restorations that are strong and look great!

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